Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin

I first went to the Natural History Museum in Berlin in 2011.  The museum is a beautifully maintained 1889 purpose built building.  Damaged by bombing in WW2, the east wing was rebuilt in and contains what must be one of the most impressive wet specimen displays in the world.   This magnificent golden glass room is a cross between an opulent shrine and an extremely well funded art installation.  There is a strong, almost reverent atmosphere in the room as visitors whisper and slowly circumambulate the collection.

This kind of ambitious and innovative approach to museum display is extremely courageous.  It demonstrates a superb understanding of audience engagement while meeting all the latest standards in conservation and fire safety.  The design of both the room and the display are sensitive to the style of the rest of the museum that is also worth visiting.

There is not a single digital printout or explanatory text within the room and only discreet labeling at the entrance.