Gallery of Wonder on Tour

May, 2015 Group Show

Touring Show

Gallery of Wonder on tour was a major touring exhibition of newly commissioned artworks by leading contemporary artists traveling to county fairs and small rural shows in Northumbria. Exploring such events as a different, non institutional type of venue for exhibiting contemporary art, and the curiosity show as a viable alternative for showing certain, carefully chosen works, to a new audience whose identity is properly understood and whose intelligence is fully respected..


Developed and implemented by Irene Brown in collaboration with Arts&Heritage; an arts commissioning agency specialising in projects within heritage, museum and non arts organisations, developing contemporary art projects that resonate with context and history.


A mobile art gallery housed in a large, customised tent, travelled to seven Northumbrian venues during Summer/Autumn 2015, exhibiting specially commissioned work by Aideen Barry, Mat Collishaw, , Tessa Farmer, Polly Morgan and the Quay Brothers’ and works by Irene Brown, Mark Fairnington and Aura Satz. 


Made possible through funding from a number of partners - Arts Council England, Northumberland County Council, Berwick Visual Arts and Newcastle University.