Irene Brown is a sculptor and site–specific installationist. Her research and practice is engaged with wonder, focusing on the history and philosophy of science, specifically cabinets of curiosity (wonder cabinets), investigating the threshold between aesthetic and scientific realms.

In 2010 she established the Gallery of Wonder (GoW) as a discussion point and exhibition facility for research into the evocation of wonder through visual display. Building upon research outcomes of the GoW project, Irene continues to explore the potential of art to reinterpret and represent historical information in a manner that engages and stimulates ‘wonder’ in the viewer, producing new artworks for specific sites of historical and scientific interest. These temporary site-specific installations provide alternative approaches to conventional methods of informational display, stimulating debate and encouraging museums and historical sites to explore the potential of art to attract and expand their audiences.

Irene Lectures in Fine Art at Newcastle University.